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July 31, 20200

Several people have asked me this week why I chose to run for city council. Why now? Why this race?

I’ve been thinking about running for city council for a long time. As a small business owner and a mother, I want to be sure that my contributions to my community will enrich the lives of my neighbors.

Just after the onset of the pandemic, I had several experiences that made me realize that our community is not okay. Business as usual in local government is not going to fix that COVID-19 has upended livelihoods and businesses, and many in our community are hurting. They don’t have access to their normal resources and support systems. They may not know how to access assistance, if they’ve never needed it before. In fact, one of my neighbors just had a car repossessed while they’ve been waiting on unemployment to come through.

The city’s decisions during this time are perplexing in light of what’s going on. Water disconnects, for example, are set to resume in August, when we know that some people have been without income for months and water is vital for life and sanitation. Is that really the only way to manage accounts for those who are most impacted right now?

Residents of Independence deserve to be seen, heard and valued by the city and its leadership. We need creative solutions that focus on meeting people where they are and making it possible for all of us to thrive and be engaged.

I’m ready to work hard to make sure Independence is the best hometown for all of us, and you can support me and our shared values by donating to my campaign or sharing this post so I can reach more of our neighbors. I’d also love to hear from you about what you need most right now. Let’s talk soon.

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