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About Kelie

Small Business Owner & Mother

Hi there! I’m Kelie McWilliams.

I believe in working to make life better for my neighbors, and that starts at home. Local government has significant impact on our everyday lives, but it’s often the least visible.

I am running for Independence City Council to ensure that our local government is transparent, accessible and focused on bettering the lives of all residents of Independence, Oregon.

I hope you’ll reach out to me with any of your concerns or questions about my candidacy or ideas, and certainly with any of your suggestions for what we can do better in Independence.


I believe that healthy communities happen on purpose. Our city council has a role in developing resources we all rely on, including:

  • affordable housing,
  • reliable transportation,
  • quality infrastructure, education and healthcare,
  • safe employment and business-building opportunities,
  • healthy food, and
  • clean water and air.

These resources make life better for all of us. I will make sure to speak up for the residents of Independence.


Communication between city councilors and residents should go both ways. To do this, we need to focus on making it easy for Independence residents to participate in city meetings and community events, and to access information and news about Independence. It also needs to be easy for residents to communicate needs, desires, and suggestions to city officials and staff.

Residents of Independence should feel that their lives and input are valued and well-represented by the city council. You can count on me to show up for you by attending meetings, following through on all of my assigned council duties, and being available to discuss issues that impact the city and its residents.


Local government should be transparentmeaning that it should be clear to constituents how decisions are made, who benefits from those decisions and how, and that the greatest good is served with each and every decision rendered.

Whether it be about upcoming events, programs or ordinances, information provided by the city should be easily accessible to the public online. Residents of Independence should be able to verify information through the city website quickly and easily rather than relying on rumor or speculation.

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